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Treasure Mills, with its products, is a member of Fundraising Central. It’s a one-stop resource for products you can use in your fundraising efforts.

Whether you’re fundraising for your organization, sports team or social committee, or helping fundraise for kids’ sports clubs or schools, we can help make yours a success. Your co-workers, clients, friends and family will know and trust  quality.

Use Treasure Mills  products for your fundraisers all year round. These delicious snacks sell themselves, and the product recognition will increase your profits.

  • Obtain our fund raising order form and kit
  • Arrange for orders from your family and friends
  • We allow for 30% profit on your items
  • We do add applicable taxes
  • We offer free shipping to one address in most areas within Canada.

Treasure Mills’ fundraising programs cover a range of our great tasting products:

  1. Frozen cookie dough & batter
  2. Fresh Portable Snacks – mini loafs
  3. Celebration line of cupcakes and fun cakes
  4. Family line of muffins and loafs

We’re here to make your fundraising campaign profitable and simple. Our Fundraising Support Team is just a call away. Begin your fundraiser today by calling 905 853-7430, or emailing

You can also find Treasure Mills on Fundraising Central – Canada’s Premier Fundraising Mall. You’ll find lots of tips there on how to make your program successful.