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Social Responsibility

Our commitment to helping kids around the world

The  brand provides healthy snacks for kids but Treasure Mills Inc. extends a commitment to nutrition for kids everywhere. Example? We sponsor children in developing nations. So they can pursue their futures in good health through nutritional foods, improved living conditions and educational opportunities. We’re dedicated to exploring new ways to play a bigger role in helping kids in Africa.

Promoting healthy lifestyles for kids here at home

Treasure Mills Inc. works through the  brand with schools, institutions, and charities to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in kids from a young age. To learn more about how Treasure Mills can help your healthy lifestyle program, contact us.

Environmentally conscious packaging and programs

All our many packaging formats use environment-friendly or recyclable materials. That’s everything from product packaging to boxboard cartons for shipping. We’ve also established a recycling program in our manufacturing plant. In 2012 we began establishing a new program with a major retailer to reduce our overall carbon footprint. That includes reducing our hydro consumption and the possible implementation of solar power.