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Treating Me Right

It’s a busy world for kids and parents. Thankfully, there’s Treasure Mills  products. With our seal of approval, you know you’re getting tasty treats that your whole family love, plus healthy alternatives that you can pack into your kids’ lunches. Low in fats, sugars, and sodium, our treats are portion-controlled, offering just the right amount for a satisfying snack.

Treating Me Right Means Treating Your Whole Family Right!

These treats treat your kids right with a fun and tasty baked good. And they treat you right, providing the peace of mind you get, knowing they have an allergen-free and healthy snack. Being peanut-free,  treats will be welcomed at your kids’ school. And tasting great, they’ll be welcomed by your kids.

So when’s a good time for Treating Me Right?

Treasure Mills  treats are not just for school-time snacks any more. When it’s a worry-free treat the whole family can enjoy, any time is the perfect time. They’re just the right size for busy hungry kids and portion-conscious adults.

  • Picnics with friends and family.
  • A reward after cleaning a room, doing homework or helping to set the table.
  • Something healthy to take the edge off their hunger, following a big workout on the soccer field or in the neighbourhood pool.
  • Dessert ideas, enjoyed straight from the freezer, with fresh fruit and whipped cream or sorbet! MMMMmm.
  • Quiet time at home alone with a book and a cup of tea, or noisy family time together with a board game or in front of the TV.
  • A portion-controlled midafternoon indulgence for grownups at work. These treats travel easily in handbags and remain fresh all day in airtight packaging.


And of course, did we mention they’re still safe for school? The only limit to when they’re good is your imagination.