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Nutrition First

Nutritious snack foods for your kids and the whole family

Your supermarket is overflowing with snack options. But how many offer nutritious snack foods that are fun for kids, healthy, and still enjoyable for everyone in your family? Treasure Mills creates products with a Nutrition First philosophy. That means not only healthy snack options, but snack foods that taste better thanks to the wholesome quality of their ingredients.

Perhaps best known for our nut and peanut-free production facility, Treasure Mills has always focused on making nutritious snack foods that taste great. Of course, our products meet or exceed the new health guidelines for schools, but they’re also enjoyed by people of all ages. Our School Safe and other Treasure Mills product lines offer the following nutritional benefits:

  • Natural & quality ingredients
  • No artificial flavours or colour
  • Lower in salt, fat and sugar than traditional kids snacks
  • Portion-controlled packaging
  • Ingredient suppliers who ensure no nut or peanut contact
  • Dedicated nut – peanut and sesame seed – free baking facility.


Explore our products and their ingredient lists here and see our ingredients for yourself. Then try our products to see just how great nutritious snack foods can taste. Better still, ask an expert. Bring them home and get your kids to try them out.