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Bakery Fresh Nutritious Snacks

The freshness and nutrition of a bakery with the convenience of our packaging. Yes, you can find nutritious snacks in the bakery section of your grocery store plus the convenience of individually packaged, and portion-controlled servings for lunches.  products from Treasure Mills, as well as our family-friendly products, are unique. They provide the quality ingredients and fresh taste of bakery fresh treats. They also offer the convenience of manufactured and pre-packaged snack foods. Whether for the kids’  lunches or the whole family, Treasure Mills products give you the best in nutrition, taste and convenience!

Freezer-Friendly Nutritious Snack Foods

Quality, taste and convenience with freezable snack foods

To maximize taste and nutrition, snack foods from Treasure Mills and  are made without the artificial colors and flavours often found in many snack foods on the market today. Better still, our fresh taste and quality ingredients are beautifully preserved when products are stored in the freezer.

Freezer-friendly products allow you the convenience of always have nutritional snack foods on hand. When thawed, our cookie bars, loafs and cup cakes taste as fresh and delicious as the day you purchased them.

Kids Love Them Cold

 products are no longer completely frozen after they’ve been out of your freezer for five minutes. But just try keeping them away from your kids that long! Enjoyed frozen, or almost so, these fresh baked treats make a frosty yummy indulgence for your whole family any time. Enjoy!

Double Duty Lunch Coolers

Put delicious and nutritious  treats into your kids’ lunches still frozen first thing in the morning. They gradually thaw over the morning, before lunch, but are still cool and fresh-tasting at lunch time. Better still, they do double-duty. Meaning? They’re keeping the other contents of your kids’ lunch “refrigerated” all morning, slowing the gradual despoiling that can happen to any foods out of a cool area.