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Smart Packaging Choices

Packaging that’s portion-controlled and environment-friendly

Treasure Mills offers you smart packaging choices, our  snacks are individually wrapped for both shelf life extension and portion control.

For nutritious snack choices

Eating well is about what you eat, and how much of it. With their nutritious ingredients, our healthy snacks for kids offer portion-controlled packaging. It ensures your kids have just the right amount of a good thing. Our packaging for  products is also fun for kids, so they won’t be thinking about the nutrition, just the fun and yummy taste!

Fun and environment-friendly packaging

Treasure Mills makes sure your nutritious snacks are good for you and for the environment!

Whatever size or format you choose in your Treasure Mills and  products, we make sure the packaging is environmentally friendly. We use paper product packaging and boxboard cartons for shipping. They’re all recyclable materials.