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Healthy snacks for kids, at school or anytime!

Not so long ago,  snacks only meant nut- and peanut-free to protect the kids with allergies. This is still important today. After all, if those ones with allergies aren’t actually your kids, they’re probably your kids’ friends.

Today, however, nutritional guidelines for schools are now more broadly focused on kids’ overall health and nutrition.

The  brand from Treasure Mills continues to be produced in a nut- and peanut-free baking facility. It also continues to be a fun, tasty and nutritious snack food choice for kids. We have always put our Nutrition First philosophy into all of our products, and you’ll find us constantly thinking of new product ideas and production methods to produce the best healthy snacks for your kids. Discover our many nutritious snacks for your kids, and check back regularly for new product releases!

Fresh Portable Snacks – healthy, handy on the go fun treats

Family Desserts - perfect treats to end your family meal

Celebration Desserts – mini and regular size cakes. They’re event- or seasonally decorated to add to festivity and fun!