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Lunch Box Ideas

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“Sometimes we worry that there are so many safety rules in our kids lives, they aren’t learning any responsibility. Then my wife had a great idea. She packs a little plastic knife in each our twins’ lunches. Tyler and Tabitha get to feel very important, slicing the crusts off their sandwiches and the skins off their kiwi fruit. By getting involved in their lunch prep, simple as it is, they’re taking an interest in their own health. And by wielding a dull, harmless bit of plastic, they can feel edgy and swashbuckling compared to the others in the playgroup.“ VT, St John NB

“I keep our daughter Taylor-Anne’s e snack cakes frozen until she’s about to leave for school and let them thaw in her ‘Scoobie-Doo’ lunch pale. Each one is wrapped, so they stay fresh. They thaw during the time up to lunch and help to keep her sandwich, apple and juice box chilled.“ DB, Richmond Hill, ON

“I got this idea from the Tele-tubbies. My eldest son, Nicholas, from my previous marriage used to watch that British kids show and loved it whenever the characters had “Tubby Toast’. It’s just bread with a splotch of jam on it, making a happy face. I remember teaching him how to make it for himself and he loved it. Today Nicholas actually helps make his and his step-brother’s lunch as part of his allowance. He makes ‘tubby toast’ for Alastair, our JK attendee! One day last month, Nick put some loose raisins in the sandwich bag and told Alastair, who was grossed out at first, ‘It’s whiskers!’ I guess you could say that Alastair ate it up! Now he has to have ‘tubby toass wiss wisskers’ everyday whether he’s at school or not. And of course it tastes much better if made by his hero, Nicholas, than his ol’ mom!” Halifax, NS

“I started bringing the  cookies to the office as a snack for myself during long meetings. Needless to say, the others in the room were ….umm, curious. Now I bring them every week to our project status meetings. My last name is Cuck, which is pronounced ‘Cook’. So it’s become my duty to have ‘Cuckies Cookies’ at each meeting. The whole team takes turns paying for them. So I just buy them during my weekly visit to Sobeys.” K Cuck, Waterloo, ON

We’re always looking for more fun and safe lunch box ideas. Submit yours here.