We are still Yummy, Nutritious, Allergen-sensitive and School Safe!

Ranked among Canada’s 500 fastest growing companies in 2019, we’re dedicated to providing delicious and healthy snack foods! Not just for kids but for the whole family, including those with allergen sensitivities. School Safe® is proud to be a Canadian-owned company, manufacturing health-conscious baked goods, and operating in a dairy-, nut-, and peanut- free facility with over 30,000 sq. ft., of production space.

The team here knows that only the finest ingredients make the best tasting products.

School Safe® snacks are conveniently packaged. So, kids love finding them in their lunches, but you’ll also love them any time you’re on the go!

At School Safe®, we’re very passionate about what we do. That’s why our promise is more like a Mission Paragraph with four important statements:

  1. Lead the market, putting Nutrition First. This demands being responsive to our customers and the markets we serve to produce innovative and natural allergen sensitive products.
  2. Create nutritious snack foods that taste great. Flavour comes from using high quality ingredients that are allergen sensitive.
  3. Value the well-being of our customers, associates and employees by treating each person with the highest level of respect, honesty and integrity.
  4. Advocate social responsibility. We’re parents too, committed to helping kids and to the protection of the environment.


We warrant that the School Safe® products manufactured by Treasure Mills Inc. are “peanut-free”, “tree nut-free” and “dairy-free” as defined by policies and procedures in place at our facility.

    • Nuts, peanuts and tree nuts are not purchased by Treasure Mills and are not an ingredient of any product manufactured by Treasure Mills.
    • Milk and dairy products are not ingredients of any product manufactured by Treasure Mills.
    • Nuts, peanuts and tree nuts are strictly prohibited to enter into our facility.

Please click on this link to read our full Allergen Statement

Please also read our Letter of Guarantee

Kids' snacks done right!

School Safe - Peanut Free Icon

Peanut Free

School Safe® products and facilities are free from peanuts, one the most common allergy-causing foods. Peanuts aren’t actually a true nut; they’re a legume. But being allergic to peanuts does not mean you have a greater chance of being allergic to another legume.

Tree Nut Free

Tree nuts include walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio and Brazil nuts. People allergic to one type of tree nut have a higher chance of being allergic to other types. School Safe® products and facilities do not contain any tree nuts.
School Safe - Dairy free icon

Dairy Free

Allergy to cow’s milk is the most common food allergy in infants and young children. People with an allergy to cow’s milk may also be allergic to milk from other animals, including sheep and goats. School Safe® products do not contain milk, or any other dairy products containing milk protein.

No Artificial Flavours or Colours

To maximize taste and nutrition, most School Safe® snacks are made without the artificial colours and flavours often found in many snack foods on the market today.

Nutrition First

Low in fats, sugars, and sodium, our treats are portion-controlled, offering just the right amount for a satisfying snack.

Great Taste!

With our seal of approval, you know you’re getting tasty treats that your whole family love. They taste better thanks to the wholesome quality of their ingredients. These treats treat your kids right with a fun and tasty baked good.

For kids on-the-go and everyone to enjoy!

Food for Thought

  • What does “School Safe®” mean?

    We believe in the safety of children, that is why our facility is dedicated to creating dairy-, peanut-, and tree nut-free products.

    We believe in the health of children, which is why our products are formulated in consideration of nutrition.

    We believe in bringing smiles to children’s faces, that is why we bake great taste into each and every product.

    Please click on this link to read our full Allergen Statement

  • How to care for School Safe® products

    Our fresh taste and quality ingredients are beautifully preserved when products are stored in the freezer at home.

    Put School Safe® snacks into your kids’ lunches still frozen. They gradually thaw over the morning, and are still cool and fresh-tasting at lunch time. Better still, they help keep the other contents of your kids’ lunch “refrigerated” 😊

  • Plant Certifications

    Committed to food safety and quality assurance, Treasure Mills is proud to have the following accreditations:

    • Food Safety – SQF 2000 Level II
    • Kosher-certified
    • FDA-Registered
    • Rated ‘Excellent’ (95%) third party auditor

    Please click on this link to read our standard Good Manufacturing Practice

  • Can't find a School Safe® retailer in your area?

    Unfortunately, at this point, we do not have an online store and direct sales to consumers are not yet available.

    If your local store does not offer School Safe® products yet, please click here to send us a message and we will send you options of our current retailers closer to your location.

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