School Safe® Blow Your Mind Birthday Cake 8pk

Available in USA




Inspired by kids! A vanilla cake bar is a delicious and convenient treat designed to capture the essence of birthday cake in a portable format. Light and fluffy that bursts with joy and flavors of traditional birthday cake. It’s the slice of cake in a compact form, perfect for kids on the go.

8 individually wrapped birthday cake muffin bars topped with colourful confetti sprinkles.

Available in USA

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Our company believes in having great tasting products with the highest quality of ingredients to ensure adequate nutrition for kids.




Tree nut-free


INGREDIENTS: Enriched wheat flour, Sugar, Canola oil, Water, Liquid whole egg, Rainbow blend (sugar, corn syrup, degermed corn grits, corn starch, palm oil, sunset yellow FCF, allura red, brilliant blue FCF, tartrazine), Glycerine, Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, Baking powder, Modified corn starch, Salt, Cellulose gum.

CONTAINS: Egg, Soy, Wheat.



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